The Issues

Thomas Witkop's Stance on Issues from A-Z

The Issues

Thomas Witkop's Stance on Issues from A-Z


Florida’s waterways, reefs, and woods are like no other. I pledge to preserve our natural resources and address harmful discharges into our waterways. While my opponent votes against protecting critical waterways such as Lake Okeechobee and the St. Lucie Estuary, I promise to uphold our environmental laws and refuse special interests who lobby on behalf of major polluters.

Reproductive Rights

I stand firmly in support of women’s access to contraception, IVF, and medical procedures including abortion. These interventions are crucial for women who may lose their life to pregnancy as well as women who wish to expand their family. The decision to undergo pregnancy belongs to women, not politicians.


I’m running to strengthen our institutions and restore trust in democracy. While my opponent undermines our democracy, obstructs progress, and promotes conspiracy theories of election fraud, I believe in the radical idea of working together to solve the problems we face. More than ever, we need to eliminate corruption in Washington, protect the right to vote, and engage in civil discourse.

Insurance Crisis

The most worrying issue I hear from my neighbors is the overwhelming costs of home insurance hikes after each hurricane and flood. Congress has a unique ability to nationalize the cost of these disasters so that we recover more quickly from these traumatic events. Our poorest communities should not be forced to foot the bill.


Healthcare is a human right. Americans should be guaranteed basic healthcare at no cost at the point of treatment – no copays, no deductibles, and no unexpected charges from your insurance provider.

I further support reducing the cost of prescription drugs by allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with all drug-makers.

Working Americans

I believe that American workers should be the primary beneficiaries of economic growth. As your representative, I will vote for higher wages, affordable housing, and fully funding Social Security and Medicare. It is beyond time to put working families first, and stop writing our tax code to cater to hedge funds and billionaires.

Climate Change

Our Treasure Coast is uniquely vulnerable to ongoing climate change. Increased floods, heat waves, and major hurricanes threaten our security and way of life. By funding clean energy, we will prevent countless catastrophes and make our nation energy independent. Above all, my vote will protect essential Sunshine State workers in the transition to clean energy.


Every year, hundreds of veterans return home with unimaginable traumas, brain injuries, and exposure to toxic chemicals. We have a responsibility to protect and serve those who protect and serve. I support comprehensive healthcare reform for veterans, ensuring all receive high-quality access to healthcare including dental, vision, and mental health care. I will also work tirelessly to connect veterans with a stable pension and affordable housing, so they can retire in peace.

Civil Rights

We must unite in advocating for civil rights, demonstrating our dedication to equal opportunity for every individual. 

As your representative, I will sponsor legislation automatic voter registration, allocate resources to address employment discrimination, foster inclusivity and unity across communities, and fully fund schools so every child is given a fair shot.


I have worked with heavily immigrant communities and appreciate the sacrifice they made to come to our country. Unfortunately, we penalize people for seeking the American Dream. I support securing our borders and fully funding the immigration court system, to humanely manage this foundational source of labor, innovation, and American ideals.

A Fair Tax System

It is obscene that working families struggle to pay for food in the same towns where billionaires are building luxury mansions. Our tax code should fund healthcare, housing, retirement, and security for all people. I promise to get money out of politics, raise taxes on the wealthiest 1%, and close loopholes that only benefit the ultra-wealthy.


As an educator and community organizer, I understand the value of a good education. So when students tell me they are uncertain about their future, I am strengthened in my belief that all schools should be fully funded, regardless of zip code. I will vote to increase resources for our school districts, train more qualified teachers, and provide vocational training in all high schools.

Gun Safety

As a hunter, I understand the power of firearms. To address the horrifying rise in mass shootings and suicides by gun, I support sensible reforms such as universal background checks, banning the sale of assault weapons, and increasing funding for mental health services in schools and workplaces.

Israel and Gaza

What happened in Israel on October 7 is horrendous, and we must make sure that never happens again. The U.S. should pursue its long-standing policy of a negotiated two-state solution, guaranteeing both Israelis and Palestinians equal rights to freedom, security, and prosperity.

War in Ukraine

While my opponent voted against sending $300 million in aid to support Ukraine, I strongly back sending arms and funds to Ukraine to support their resistance against the corrupt dictator Putin. I believe that peace for Ukraine cannot be achieved without supporting the right of the Ukrainian people to liberate themselves and defend their democracy.